About Voice of the Liberators 


Voice of the Liberators (VOTL) Church is a family of Christians waiting patiently, with our hearts genuinely prepared for the promised return of the Lord Jesus Christ. As we await the Lord’s return, we are called to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus and to serve the people of Maricopa, Arizona.

  • VOTL Church is committed to having all members genuinely prepare their hearts for the soon coming return of the Lord Jesus.

  • VOTL Church will also endeavor to have every member become a student of God’s word and to understand the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • VOTL Church will help every member understand their unique purpose as a Liberator. Our people to understand that God has called them to be a liberator and a source of light for those being held captive amidst the darkness of this world.

  • Every member will understand that the Lord has uniquely placed them within a circle of people. In time, they will learn to confidently share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with the circle of people that they know and influence.


VOTL Church first met in the home of Pastors Carlos and Bernadette Alvarado on August 29, 2015. Pastor Carlos and Bernadette led the meeting with their 3 faithful children serving as the worship team and the congregation. From that date, the Lord has been faithful to add committed people to the church.


On March 26, 2016, Voice of the Liberators Church held the first annual Walk the Cross America event in Maricopa, Arizona. On that day, representatives from six different churches walked along a predetermined route on John Wayne Parkway (State Route 347), through the heart of the city, carrying their personally made and decorated crosses. The intention of the walk was to reenact the triumphal entry of the Lord Jesus, as he entered the holy city of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Our intent has been to usher in the presence of the Lord into the city of Maricopa. All of our Walk the Cross events have occurred on the Saturday proceeding Palm Sunday. In conjunction with Walk the Cross, VOTL Church has held a church service under a ramada at the Copper Sky Recreational Complex each year immediately following the walk. Here are some pictures of the Walk the Cross America event taken over the last three years:

Pastor Carlos Alvarado was born in Tempe, Arizona and has lived in the East Valley cities of Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Maricopa. Pastor Bernadette Alvarado was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and moved to Arizona after her college days in 1989. Pastor Carlos and Bernadette first met as they both served on their church worship team in 1987. They married in 1991 and have been best friends for the last 27 years.

Prior to their marriage, both Pastor Carlos and Bernadette served in various Christian churches as members of the choir, worship team, Children and Youth Ministry, and on the church leadership team.

Pastor Carlos and Bernadette were ordained as ministers and chaplains by Gospel Ministers and Churches International, under the leadership of Bishop Gordon Douglas, in 2008. In September of 2015, the Lord called them to serve the people of Maricopa by starting a church. Voice of the Liberators Church is the first church that they have been privileged to serve as senior pastors.

Pastor Carlos and Bernadette have been blessed with three wonderful children, Salina, Janelle, and Nehemiah. Salina has just completed high school and is currently a freshman in college. Janelle and Nehemiah are still in high school. All three children are servant leaders within the church, serving as worship leaders, the children’s ministry, and the media ministry.